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The Current Events

Want to know what Kaelem is up to now? Want to know what he has he done recently? Look below to find out more!

Think, No More

It's that time of the year again, Long Island University proudly presents their annual First Year Showcase! This is Kaelem's 3rd time directing FYS (Cognitive Dissonance in 2022 and Where is My Mind in 2023). 

This year, Kaelem promises this will be the BOLDEST one yet! So please come and check it out!

IT'S FREE! Just follow the instructions on the website!


Friday April 19th, 2024 7:30pm

Saturday April 20th, 2024 7:30pm

Sunday April 21th, 2024 1:30pm

Black White Minimal Alone Movie Poster.PNG

Real Eyes Realize

The Wonderstruck Uncut proudly presents Real Eyes Realize, a poetry performance piece written and directed by Kaelem Von Camper. 

A group of poets spend a few weeks in isolation as they hide from the outside world. They’ve struggled with loss, stress, and so much more. They want to know if anything they do really affects the world…even if that means hiding away from it. 

Real Eyes Realize is IMdB credited and had over 2,000 views on YouTube, making it The Wü's most successful film in it's short history!

The Film is HERE for you to see for yourself!

Swagger in the Classroom

I wrote my first academic article! Check it out below!

Empty Class
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